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Angulakshmi, N. and Nahm, K.S. and Nair, J.R. and Gerbaldi, C. and Bongiovanni, R. (2013) Cycling profile of MgAl2O4-incorporated composite electrolytes composed of PEO and LiPF6 for lithium polymer batteries. Electrochimica Acta, 90. pp. 179-185. ISSN 0013-4686

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Balamurugan, J. and Pandurangan, A. and Thangamuthu, R. (2013) Growth of well graphitized MWCNTs over novel 3D cubic bimetallic KIT-6 towards the development of an efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells. Organic Electronics, 14. pp. 1833-1843.

Balamurugan, J. and Pandurangan, A. and Thangamuthu, R. and Senthilkumar, S. (2013) Effective Synthesis of Well-Graphitized Carbon Nanotubes on Bimetallic SBA-15 Template for Use as Counter Electrode in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 52. pp. 384-393.

Balamurugan, J. and Senthilkumar, S.M. and Thangamuthu, R. and Pandurangan, A. (2013) Facile and controlled growth of SWCNT on well-dispersed Ni-SBA-15 for an efficient electro-catalytic oxidation of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid. Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 372. pp. 13-22. ISSN 1381-1169

Balamurugan, J. and Thangamuthu, R. and Pandurangan, A. (2013) Effective synthesis of carbon nanotubes of high purity over Cr–Ni–SBA-15 and its application in high performance dye-sensitized solar cells. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 3. p. 4321.

Balamurugan, J. and Thangamuthu, R. and Pandurangan, A. (2013) Growth of carbon nanotubes over transition metal loaded on Co-SBA-15 and its application for high performance dye-sensitized solar cells. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1. p. 5070. ISSN 0959-9428

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Bhuvaneswari, A. and Navanietha Krishnaraj, R. and Sheela, B. (2013) Metamorphosis of pathogen to electrigen at the electrode/electrolyte interface: Direct electron transfer of Staphylococcus aureus leading to superior electrocatalytic activity. Electrochemistry Communications, 34. pp. 25-28. ISSN 1388-2481

Bhuvaneswari, D. and Gangulibabu, . and Kalaiselvi, N. (2013) Effect of surface modifiers in improving the electrochemical behavior of LiNi0.4Mn0.4Co0.2O2 cathode. Electrochimica Acta, 109. pp. 684-693. ISSN 0013-4686


Debgupta, J. and Vijayamohanan, K.Pillai (2013) Thiolated Graphene – a New Platform for anchoring CdSe Quantum Dots for hybrid heterostructures. Nanoscale, 5 (9). pp. 3615-3619. ISSN 2040-3364


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Priya, S. and Kaviyarasan, T. and Palaniappan, A. and Sheela, B. (2013) Nitric Oxide Releasing Photoresponsive Nanohybrids As Excellent Therapeutic Agent for Cervical Cancer Cell Lines. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 5. pp. 8263-8266. ISSN 1944-8244

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Shanmugasigamani , S. and Thangavelu, P.R. and Srinivasan, K.N. and Selvam, M. (2013) Zn-Ni Alloy Deposit for Cadmium Replacement Applications. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES & RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY, 2 (10). pp. 3041-3046. ISSN ISSN: 2277-9655

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (2013) Lead-acid battery with high specific energy. 256885.

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Sivasankar, A. and Arul Xavier Stango, S. and Vedalakshmi, R. (2013) Quantitative estimation on delaying of onset of corrosion of rebar in surface treated concrete using sealers. Ain Shams Engineering Journal. (In Press)

Sivasankar, A. and Arul Xavier Stango, S. and Vedalakshmi, R. (2013) Quantitative estimation on delaying of onset of corrosion of rebar in surface treated concrete using sealers. Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 4. pp. 615-623.

Sridharan, D. and Karthikeyan, C. and Maruthan, K. and Manoharan, SP. and Palaniswamy, N. (2013) Impact of Mixed Inhibitor on Electrochemical Behavior of Inland Water Biofilm Formed on 316L Stainless Steel. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 52. pp. 16175-16181. ISSN 0888-5885

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