Chandrasekaran, P. and Subramanian, G. and Ananth, V. and Palraj, S. and Krishnan, R.M. and Guruviah, S. (1990) Performance of electrodeposited zinc on steel in biologically active environment. Bulletin of Electrochemistry, 06 (04). pp. 395-396. ISSN 0256-1654

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Electrodeposited zinc on steel performs considerably well in natural seawater. The present study investigates the role of biologically produced hydrogen sulphide on the performance of zinc plated steel. The putrefaction of a green marine algae was used as the means of sulphide production. The levels of thiosulphate, sulphide and sulphate are monitored periodically to give an insight into the biological activity. To study the corrosion behavior of zinc plated steel, pH and potential were monitored. The effects of initial exposure conditions after allowing sufficient time for considerable extent of putrefaction to take place has also been dealth with. The results are discussed in the light of changes in sea water chemistry and the effects of initial exposure conditions

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Marine macroorganism; Electroplated zinc; Green marine alga ulva lactuca
Subjects: Industrial Metal Finishing
Corrosion Science and Engineering
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