Sankaranarayanan, K. and Basha, C.A. and Vijayavalli, R. (1985) Investigations on electrochemical reduction of hexavalent chromium in industrial effluents. Bulletin of Electrochemistry , 01 (05). pp. 517-519. ISSN 0256-1654

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Chromium is a potential pollutant in industrial waste waters discharged in both hexavalent as well as trivalent forms. To safeguard the environmental conditions against such toxic pollutants has become a statutory obligation for the industries. With a view to develop an electrochemical method, experiments were carried out using potassium dichromate plus H2S04 as electrolyle keeping the initial concentration of cr6+ at 200 ppm. The reduction was carrid out in a divided cell with sintered WC as diaphragm using graphite electrodes. The current density was varied from 0.8 to 10Aldm2 and the concentration of unreduced cr6+ was determined spectrophotometrically using diphenyl carbazide method as per ISS 2488 (Parl 11) 1968. It was obsewed that the reduction of cr6+to cr3+o ccurs with 40-50%current efficiency at an optimum current density of 5-10Aldm2. The concentration of hexavalent chromium could be brought down by electrolys~sfr om an initial value of 200 to zero ppm

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cr6+ pollutant; Pollutlon control; Electro reduction
Subjects: Electrohydrometallurgy
Industrial Metal Finishing
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