Sobha, J. and Vasu, K.I. (1999) Electroplating OF Silver-Cadmium alloys. Bulletin of Electrochemistry , 15 (5-6). pp. 228-232. ISSN 0256-1654

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Silver cadmium alloys are repurted to have increased hardness, electrical conductivity and tarnish resistance. Electroplated coatin~s of these alloys find applicatinns a.s bearing alloy, non-tarnishing coating and electronic coating material. The standal-d electrode potentials nf silver and cadmium are tno far apart to penllit co-deposition from simple salt solutions. Suitable complexing is necessary to bring the deposition potential c1oser and permit codeposition, Various types of solutions have heen investigated by the authors to explore the possihility of electroplating alloys with varying proportions of silver and cadmium and the results are presented in this paper. Electroplating experiments were carried out under varying concentrations of metal and operating condition, Cyclic and stripping voltammetric techniques were employed. Charaderisatioill of deposits were done hy X-ray diffraction. scannin~electron microscopy and microhardness measurements,

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Electroplating; Ag-Cd alloys; non-cyanide alkaline bath
Subjects: Industrial Metal Finishing
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