Fey, G.T.K. and Lu, C.Z. and Premkumar, T. (2003) Preparation and electrochemical properties of high-voltage cathode materials, LiMyNi0.5yMn1.5O4 (M ¼ Fe, Cu, Al, Mg; y ¼ 0:0–0.4). Journal of Power Sources, 115. pp. 332-345. ISSN 0378-7753

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Solid-state synthesized LiNi0.5yMyMn1.5O4 spinels, where M ¼ Fe, Mg, Al, or Cu, and y ¼ 0:0–0.4, have been studied as high-voltage cathode materials. Powder X-ray diffraction studies showed that all the substituents displayed a propensity for the 8a tetrahedral site at high concentrations. Cyclic voltammetric studies showed electrochemical activity around 4 Vas well as above 4.4 V. While the 4-V activity was related solely to the Mn4þ/Mn3þ couple, the 5-V activity was due to the redox reactions of Ni and the other transition metal ions. The cosubstituents reduced the 5-V capacity and shifted the redox potentials in the 5-V region to higher values. At high concentrations, the cosubstituents tended to occupy the 8a sites, which may lead to a blockage of lithium transport during the charge–discharge processes. LiNi0.4Fe0.1Mn1.5O4 registered the best performance with a first-cycle capacity of 117 mAh/g and 78% capacity retention over 60 cycles. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopic studies showed a decrease in the charge transfer resistance at high deintercalation levels.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Multiple substitution; Cathode materials; LiMn2O4; Spinel cathode; Lithium battery
Subjects: Lithium batteries
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