Sathiyanarayanan, S. and Azim, S.S. and Venkatachari, G. (2007) Preparation of polyaniline–TiO2 composite and its comparative corrosion protection performance with polyaniline. Synthetic Metals, 157. pp. 205-213.

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Due to strict environmental regulations on the usage of chromate in the coating industries, search for effective inhibitive pigment in replacing those chromate pigments has become necessary. In recent years it has been shown that electrically conducting polymers such as polyaniline (PANI) incorporated coatings are able to protect steel due to their passivating ability similar to that of chromates. This work presents the comparative corrosion protection performance of the coatings containing polyaniline and polyaniline–TiO2 composite (PTC) on steel in acrylic binder. The PANI and PTC were prepared by chemical oxidative method of aniline by ammonium persulfate. The polymers were characterized by FTIR, XRD and SEM. The corrosion protection performance of the coatings containing PANI and PTC on steel was evaluated by immersion test in 3% NaCl for 60 days and salt fog test for 35 days. The performance of the coatings in both the tests was investigated by open circuit potential measurements and EIS technique. It has been found that the open circuit potential values of PTC containing coating are more nobler by 50–200mV in comparison to that of coatings with PANI. Besides, the resistance values of the coating containing PTC were more than 107 �cm2 in the 3% NaCl immersion test after 60 days and 109 �cm2 in the salt fog test of 35 days which were two orders high in comparison to that of PANI containing coatings. The better performance of PTC containing coatings may be due to uniform distribution of polyaniline which can form uniform passive film on the iron surface.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Polyaniline; Polyaniline–TiO2 composite; Acrylic; EIS; Coating; Corrosion protection; Steel
Subjects: Corrosion Science and Engineering
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