Prakash, A.S. and Shivakumara, C. and Hegde, M.S. (2007) Single step preparation of CeO2/CeAlO3/-Al2O3 by solution combustion method: Phase evolution, thermal stability and surface modification. Materials Science and Engineering, 139. pp. 55-61.

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Phase evolution of CeO2/-Al2O3 system synthesized from single step solution combustion method is examined here. The nominal compositions of ceria and alumina in (CeO2)x/(Al2O3)1−x are varied from x = 0.0 to 0.66 to yield end compositions, -Al2O3 to stoichiometric CeAlO3 phase. For the composition x = 0, the phase formed is -Al2O3, and for x = 0.2, CeAlO3 is formed over -Al2O3. As the cerium content increased beyond x = 0.2, CeO2/CeAlO3/-Al2O3 oxides are formed. Heating CeAlO3/-Al2O3 in air above 700 ◦C resulted in transformation to CeO2/-Al2O3 and the subsequent reduction in H2 gave back CeAlO3/-Al2O3. TEM studies showed CeAlO3 crystallites growth on -Al2O3 and the oxidized sample showed CeO2 formation over CeAlO3, which in turn interfaced with -Al2O3 phase. XPS analysis of CeAlO3/-Al2O3 phase showed the presence of Ce in +3 and +4 state indicating surface oxidized CeAlO3 phase. Epitaxial relation for growth of CeAlO3 over -Al2O3 and CeO2 over CeAlO3 is demonstrated in the study, where adhesion of CeO2 over -Al2O3 is via CeAlO3 phase at the interface.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Solution combustion synthesis; CeAlO3; Cerium oxides; Solid–solid interfaces
Subjects: Electrochemical Materials Science
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