Anandkumar, B. and Maruthamuthu, S. (2008) Molecular identification and corrosion behaviour of manganese oxidizers on orthodontic wires. Current Science, 94 (7). pp. 891-896.

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In the present study manganese oxidizing bacteria (MOB) were isolated and identified using molecular techniques (16S rRNA gene sequencing) and the electrochemical behaviour of these isolates on orthodontic wires was studied by employing polarization and impedance techniques. Staphylococcus aureus (EF516983), Bacillus pumilus (EF516984), Planococcus rifitioensis (EF516985), Lysinibacillus boronitolerans (EF516986), B. fusiformis (EF516987), L. boronitolerans (EF516988) and B. thuringiensis (EF516989) were identified as manganese oxidizers in orthodontic appliances. It is interesting to note that ten control samples did not have any manganese oxidizers. It reveals that stainless steel enhances the proliferation of manganese oxidizers and accelerates the corrosion of orthodontic wires. Since manganese is toxic to human beings and causes enhancement of nervous disorder, an in-depth study is needed in future.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Corrosion; electrochemical studies; manganese oxidizing bacteria; orthodontic wires; 16S rRNA sequencing
Subjects: Corrosion Protection
Corrosion Science and Engineering
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