Anandakumar, B. and Cho, J.H. and Venkatachari, G. and Maruthamuthu, S. (2009) Molecular characterization and corrosion behavior of thermophilic (55 8C) SRB Desulfotomaculum kuznetsovii isolated from cooling tower in petroleum refinery. Materials and Corrosion, 60 (9). pp. 730-737.

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Desulfotomaculum kuznetsovii (D. kuznetsovii), a thermophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium (SRB), was identified in a cooling tower of a petroleum refinery by 16S rRNA gene sequencing and its functional gene encoding dissimilatory sulfite reductase (dsrAB). The thermophilic sulfate-reducing bacterial species have been reported for the first time in the cooling towers of an Indian petroleum refinery. The protein coded by dsrAB gene was cloned, expressed, and identified using recombinant DNA technology. Weight loss method, electrochemical and surface analysis showed the corrosion behavior of the isolate. In the presence of D. kuznetsovii, the corrosion rate was higher when compared to control at 55 8C. It suppresses the anodic reaction and enhances the cathodic reaction by the production of organic complex and iron sulfide, respectively. Numerous pitting were noticed on mild steel which is due to the presence of D. kuznetsovii and its role in the corrosion process has been discussed.

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