Muralidharan, V.S. (2007) Electro catalytic amorphous nickel alloy. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology, 14. pp. 161-165.

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Nickel and nickel based alloy deposits are used as cathode materials for hydrogen evolution. Watt's bath modified with thiourea was used to deposit Ni-S and Ni-S-Co alloys. In presence of thiourea, Watt's bath offered amorphous Ni-S alloy. In presence of CoCI~ and thiourea, amorphous Ni-S-Co alloy was formed. Hydrogen evolution reaction occurred faster on amorphous Ni-S-Co alloy compared to amorphous Ni-S alloy from 28 wt% NaOH. Hydrogen evolution reaction rate increased with temperature on these amorphous alloys. A fast Volmer followed by slow Heyrovsky reaction occurred on the surfaces of these alloys. Heat treatment of amorphous Ni-S-Co alloy decreased the electro catalytic activity due to the disturbance in the amorphous structure.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Amorphous alloy; Electro catalysis; Hydrogen evolution; Ni-S-Co alloy
Subjects: Corrosion Science and Engineering
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Date Deposited: 20 Feb 2012 10:03
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