Cho, J.H. and Maruthamuthu, S. and Lee, H.G. and Ha, T.H. and Bae, J.H. (2009) Nitrate removal by electro-bioremediation technology in Korean soil. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 168 (2-3). pp. 1208-1216. ISSN 0304-3894

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The nitrate concentration of surface has become a serious concern in agricultural industry through out the world. In the present study, nitrate was removed in the soil by employing electro-bioremediation, a hybrid technology of bioremediation and electrokinetics. The abundance of Bacillus spp. as nitrate reducing bacteria were isolated and identified from the soil sample collected from a greenhouse at Jinju City of Gyengsangnamdo, South Korea. The nitrate reducing bacterial species were identified by 16 s RNA sequencing technique. The efficiency of bacterial isolates on nitrate removal in broth was tested. The experimentwas conducted in an electrokinetic (EK) cell by applying 20Vacross the electrodes. The nitrate reducing bacteria (Bacillus spp.) were inoculated in the soil for nitrate removal process by the addition of necessary nutrient. The influence of nitrate reducers on electrokinetic process was also studied. The concentration of nitrate at anodic area of soilwas higher when compared to cathode in electrokinetic system, while adding bacteria in EK (EK + bio) system, the nitrate concentrationwas almost nil in all the area of soil. The bacteria supplies electron from organic degradation (humic substances) and enhances NO3− reduction (denitrification). Experimental results showed that the electro-bio kinetic process viz. electroosmosis and physiological activity of bacteria reduced nitrate in soil environment effectively. Involvement of Bacillus spp. on nitrificationwas controlled by electrokinetics at cathode area by reduction of ammonium ions to nitrogen gas. The excellence of the combined electro-bio kinetics technology on nitrate removal is discussed.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Soil environment; Bacteria; Electro-bio kinetics; Nitrate removal
Subjects: Biocorrosion
Corrosion Science and Engineering
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Date Deposited: 02 Apr 2012 05:22
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