Vincent, S. and Nalini, T. (2008) PIC micro controller based remote terminal unit for a supervisory cathodic protection monitoring system. Journal of Instrumentation Society of India, 38 (4). pp. 248-253.

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The design, development and evalu8tion of a prototype Remote Tel111inal Unit (RTU) to provide cathodic protection of buried pipe lines are presented. The impressed current cathodic protection (CP) technique is applied in order that the pipe to soil potential is 1118intained in corrosion free region. The RTU is a closed loop control system designed around a PIC l6F877 micro controller to provide CP to the buried pipe lines. With its onchip peripheral 10 bit OAQ channels and I/O lines of the micro controller incorpor8ted, the RTU is able to effectively meaSLlre the potential of the pipe line and assess the CP stalus, RTU's serial communication link with a control room monitoring computer paves way to a large supervisory CP monitoring system. The paper deals with the descriptions of the hardware and software package of the RTU with suitable illustrations.

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Subjects: Electrochemical Instrumentation
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