Aravindan, V. and Vickraman, P. and Premkumar, T. (2008) Polyvinylidene fluoride–hexafluoropropylene (PVdF–HFP)-based composite polymer electrolyte containing LiPF3(CF3CF2)3. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 354 (29). pp. 3451-3457. ISSN 0022-3093

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This paper describes the preparation and characterization of lithium fluoroalkylphosphate-containing composite polymer electrolyte based on a polyvinylidene fluoride–hexafluoropropylene (PVdF–HFP) matrix. A mixture of ethylene carbonate and diethyl carbonate was used as a plasticizing agent and nanoscopic Al2O3 as a filler. The membranes were characterized by ac impedance, SEM, DSC, FTIR and fluorescence. An electrolyte with 2.5 wt% Al2O3 exhibited a conductivity of 9.8 104 S cm1 at ambient temperature. It was found that filler contents above 2.5 wt% rendered the membranes less conducting.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Electrochemical properties; Ceramics; Conductivity; Fast ion conduction; Scanning electron microscopy; Nano-composites; Luminescence; FTIR measurements; Infrared properties; Polymers and organics; Calorimetry
Subjects: Lithium batteries
Electrochemical Power Sources
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