Rengaswamy, N.S. and Srinivasan, S. and Balasubramanian, T.M. and Mahadeva iyer, Y, and Nayak, N.U. and Suresh Bapu, R.H. (1988) Corrosion survey of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures - methodology of approach. Transations of SAEST, 23 (2-3). pp. 207-212.

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Of late, many of the strategic reinforced and prestressed concrete structures have started showing signs of distress within a short period. Usually, the condition of the structures is monitors by visual inspection and remedial measures are resorted to only when the condition becomes very seriously of heavy rusting of steel reinforcements followed by cracking and spelling of concrete. It is desirable to, monitor the condition of such strategic structures right from the construction stage by carrying out periodic corrosion surveys and maintaining a record of data. In this paper, an integrated approach to such a corrosion survey is presented with some typical examples.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: signs of distress; monitoring; remedial measures
Subjects: Corrosion Science and Engineering
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