Murali, K.R. and Sureshkumar, T.N. and Subramanian, V. and Gurunathan, K. and Rangarajan, N. and Lakshmanan, A.S. (1996) CuInS2 septum photoelectrochemical cells. Bulletin of Electrochemistry, 12 (03). pp. 162-164. ISSN 0256-1654

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The natural photosynthetic systems are the precursors for the septum photoelectrochemical cells, in which much larger outputs are possible than conventional photoelectrochemical cells by a judicious choice of the two electrolytes separated by a partition called septum. We report, for the first time, the characteristics of septum cells using electrodeposited CuInS2 films. Electrodeposition of Cu-In alloy on Ti substrates followed by sulphurization in flowing H2S at 823 K for 20 min, yielded polycrystalline CuInS2 films, showing preferred orientation in (112) direction. The films were n type with a band gap of 1.42 eV. The CuInS2 film on the substrate was fitted in a groove and cemented with PVC solution in a PVC cell with a transparent window in such a way that it formed the septum separating the cell into two compartments. 1 M polysulphide was used in the photoexposed chamber. The contacting electrodes were graphite in polysulphide solution in the photoexposed side and either graphite, Pt, Cu or Cd in copper or cadmium salt solution in the other compartment. A maximum photovoltage of 608 mV and a current density of 4 mAcm-2 were obtained for the configuration Cd/0.5M Cd/Ti/CuInS2/polysulphide/C with a 0.2 cm2 area septum under an illumination 60 mW cm-2

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Uncontrolled Keywords: CuInS2; Septum cell; PEC cell
Subjects: Electrochemical Materials Science
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