Visvanathan, S. (1968) Some electrochemical studies on fused salts. PhD thesis, Banaras Hindu University.

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This thesis consists of some electrochemical studies on fused salts in addition to some critical reviews. A literature survey pertaining to molten salt research with special emphasis on the chemistry and electrochemistry of some common metal and alloy deposition, a review on ‘Anode effect’ and a survey on the ‘Methods available for the electrolytic preparation of lead alloys with alkali and alkaline earth metals’ have been made. The importance and advantages of the electrolytic procedure of alloy deposition over other methods have been brought out. The details of the research work carried out on the preparation of lead-calcium-sodium alloys are as follows: Design and development of apparatus for conducting experiments on electrode position of lead alloys from fused alkali and alkaline earth chloride electrolytes in the temperature range 600°-850°C, procedures essential for the preparation of fused chloride electrolytes free from moisture and preserving the same from extraneous impurities, analytical procedures for estimating the components of lead alloys, and influence of current density, temperature and the composition of the melt on the current efficiency of alloy deposition. Mechanism of deposition of calcium and sodium on to molten lead stationary cathode from a molten mixture of calcium chloride and sodium chloride in the temperature range 531°-731°C. Recovery of lead metal from sulphide concentrates using molten lead cathode. Polarisation studies of the lead-calcium-sodium alloy in sulphuric acid are presented. In addition contains details of micro electrode voltammetric investigations carried out in order to determine the decomposition voltage of aluminium chloride in the system AlCl3-NaCl-KCl. The suitability of adopting the system with micro/gas flushed electrode for analytical purposes was also examined with respect to silver ion

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fused salts
Subjects: Electrohydrometallurgy
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