Lakshmanan, S. (1971) Structure of the electrical double layer at mercury-solution interfaces. PhD thesis, Madras University.

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A generalized thermodynamic method of analysis of the electro capillary equation suitable for the evaluation of the individual amounts of specific adsorption of any two ions from a three ion mixtures with a non-specifically adsorbed ion is given here. Methods for obtaining the components of charge in mixed adsorption systems have also been presented here. An attempt has been made in this thesis to pose and solve some of the theoretical problems in mixed adsorption such as structure of double layer, inner layer parameters and methods of their evaluation, Esin and Markov effects etc. The problems in identifying the isotherms for mixed adsorption and the limitations in extending the existing approaches for single ionic adsorption has been examined. The experimental work on chloride + nitrate and chloride + acetate systems reported on this thesis has shown how a proper choice of the concentration variables in the thermodynamic method, coupled with a systematic experimental study, is necessary to obtain the primary data needed in the analysis of mixed adsorption. The experimental results have been analysed based on the theoretical approach developed in the earlier part of the thesis. However, the isotherms for mixed ionic adsorption and discreteness of charge effects could not be treated in detail in view of the complexity and magnitude of the problem involved in mixtures. Though we have presented in this work experimental date processed manually, a complete computer programme has since been written and a comparison of the computer results with those reported here will be made later

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Electrical double layer
Subjects: Electrodics and Electrocatalysis
Depositing User: Dr. N Meyyappan
Date Deposited: 13 Jun 2012 04:58
Last Modified: 13 Jun 2012 04:58

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