Vanmathi, G. and Sheela, B. and Kanakamsrinivasan, R. and Venkitaraman, A.R. (1990) Cyclic voltammetric oxidation of p-nitro benzaldehyde. Bulletin of Electrochemistry, 06 (11). pp. 879-880. ISSN 0256-1654

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The oxidation of 4-nitro benzaldehyde is studied in the medium of 60% acetic acid using platinum electrode by the cyclic voltammetry technique. The process of oxidation is found to be irreversible, involving two electron transfer. The rate constant for the charge transfer is obtained. The product of oxidation is identified by UV spectra

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: 4-Nitro benzaldehyde; Oxidation; Cyclic voltammetry
Subjects: Electroorganic
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