Jayaprakash, N. and Kalaiselvi, N. and Doh, C.H. and Babu, G. and Bhuvaneswari, D. (2010) A new class of Sol–gel derived LiM1xM2yMn22x2yO3.8F0.2 (M1 5 Cr, M2 5 V; x 5 y 5 0.2) cathodes for lithium batteries. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 40. pp. 2193-2202. ISSN 0021-891X

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A series of LiM1xM2yMn2-x-yO3.8F0.2 (M1 = Cr, M2 = V; x = y = 0.2) cathodes, viz., LiMn2O3.8F0.2, LiCr0.2Mn1.8O3.8F0.2 and LiCr0.2V0.2Mn1.6O3.8F0.2 along with native LiMn2O4 have been synthesized by Citric Acid assisted Modified (CAM) sol–gel method, with a view to understand the effect of synthesis methodology and the effect of dual category dopants, viz., anion and/or cation upon spinel cathodes individually. An acceptable capacity retention (94%) observed up to 50 cycles for native LiMn2O4 cathodes is attributed to the significance of CAM sol–gel method. Similarly, the encouraging charge–discharge results of LiMn2O3.8F0.2 (130 mAh g-1) and LiCr0.2Mn1.8O3.8F0.2 (142 mAh g-1) cathodes revealed a possible augmentation in the reversible capacity behavior of the spinels upon F- substitution at 32e site and the simultaneous substitution of Cr3? and F- at 16d and 32e sites respectively.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: LiMn2O4 cathodes; Cation and anion doping; MAS 7Li-NMR; Specific capacity; Lithium batteries
Subjects: Lithium batteries
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