Muralimadhav, V. and Mohanan, S. and Gnanasekaran, K.S.A. (1990) Water status of a plant body and its ohmic resistances. Bulletin of Electrochemistry, 06 (05). pp. 550-551. ISSN 0256-1654

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The electrical resistivity of a plant body was determined using (i) a four probe resistivity bridge and (ii) a two probe a.c. conductivity bridge. Measurements were taken by inserting Pt electrode either into the stem or leaf petiole. Measurements by d.c. method had been found to result in polarization. The plant body resistivity was of the order of 10^4-10^5 The i-E curves obtained for plant leaves and stems were linear. Resistance measured varied predictably with uptake and loss of water and correlated positively with measurements of leaf water potential (LWP) and also leaf electric potential (LEP). In this paper, correlation between electrical resistance, LWP and LEP are presented

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Leaf water potential; Leaf electric potential; Ohmic resistance of leaf
Subjects: Electrobiology
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