Murugan, K. and Vasu, K.I. and Vasudevarao, P.V. (1990) Influence of some organic additives on the electrochemical behavior of lead in sulphuric acid – quarternary ammonium salts-I. Bulletin of Electrochemistry, 06 (01). pp. 59-60. ISSN 0256-1654

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The effect of addition of CTAB (Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide) to Pb/PbSO4/H2SO4 (8.9N) system is investigated by cyclic voltammetric (CV) technique. The potential region is scanned between o mV and -1800 mV vs Hg/Hg2SO4. It is found that the addition of CTAB increased the overpotential for H2 evolution by 30-50 mV. The effect of cycling is also studied. The ip values are reduced for both oxidation and reduction reactions in the presence of CTAB. The differential capacitance measurement confirms the absorption of CTAB on Pb/PbSO4

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Cyclic voltammetry; CTAB; Impedance studies
Subjects: Lead acid batteries
Electrochemical Power Sources
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