Mani, A. and Ramakrishnan, K.R. (2004) Ex-situ high temperature X-ray diffraction studies on partially crystalline conjugated polymers. Indian Journal of Chemistry : A, 43 (01). pp. 18-23. ISSN 0376-4710

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Molecular and crystalline structural aspects of partially crystalline conjugated polymers have been reported for polyanilines (PANis) and polythiophene (Pth). Improvement in crystalline order has been observed in chemically synthesized polymers by high-temperature annealing. This paper mainly concerns structural analysis in terms of degree of crystalline order (Xcr) as the crystalline-gauging parameter, and X-ray diffraction profile data as molecular order probe. A large extent of enhancement of crystalline domains up to 25% through recrystallization and crystallite growth has been obtained by high-temperature annealing of EB-and ES-PANis and Pth-dissociated hexithiophene materials (of intrinsic Xcr=20 to 50%). The mechanism of enhancement of crystalline order is given in terms of polymer molecular phenomena

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Subjects: Electrochemical Materials Science
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