Anandaraj, T. and Mohan, P.S. and Krishnan, S.M. and Balakrishnan, K. and Raghavan, M. (2001) Studies on characterisation of high performance coatings based on polymer alloys of interpenetrating polymer networks. Paint India, 51 (06). pp. 35-52.

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Organic coatings are valued after the polymeric binder material out of which it is made for the reason that it only decides the extent of protection and the life of a coating. Of a few ways to obtain better performing polymeric binders, alloying the incompatible polymers through 'compatibilization' is fast-emerging with a number of promises. Interpenetrating polymer networks are one of its kinds. In this study, two polymer alloys of Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) based on epoxy-acrylic-polyurethane polymers have been developed in the laboratory and subjected to different laboratory accelerated tests as pigmented coatings. They have been found to processes far superior physical and chemical and corrosion resistance properties compared to crosslinked acrylates, polyamide cured epoxies and polyurethanes . The IPNs as clear coatings were also charactrerized by various physico-chemical and surface analytical techniques. The thermo analytical techniques, FTIR and SEM confirmed the formation of IPN. The improved corrosion resistance properties were established by water permeation tests and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

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Subjects: Corrosion Science and Engineering
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