Noel, M. and Anantharaman, P.N. (1987) Voltammetric studies on glassy carbon electrodes-111. A comparative study of electron-transfer kinetics of ti4+/ti3+ redox complexes on glassy carbon and mercury electrodes. Bulletin of Electrochemistry , 3 (4). pp. 349-357. ISSN 0256-1654

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Voltammetric behaviour of Ti+ /Ti+ redox system in H2SO4 and the effect of addition of usual complex forming ions viz. CI-, acetate, EDTA, oxalate, thiocyanate, phosphate, citrate and tartrate - into this medium are studied on Glassy Carbon (GC) electrodes and the results are compared with the behaviour reported on Hg in the literature. The kinetics of the complex formation step has a major influence on voltammetric behaviour (acetate, oxalate and thiocyanate). The charge transfer rate is generally slower on GC when compared to Hg (tartrate). The reactant as well as product is weakly absorbed on GC in EDTA medium. Larger anions such as citrate and tartrate show blocking effects on stationary GC electrode when compared to dropping mercury electrode. From the analytical view point oxalate and thiocyanate are recommended for quantitative estimations in acid medium and citric acidltrisodium citrate medium gives well defined results in neutral and alkaline medium.

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