Thirunavukarasu, P. and Udupa, K.S. and Rawat, N.S. (1986) Electrochemical behaviour of dimethyl hydrazones - part – 1 cyclohexanone dimethyl hydrazone. Bulletin of Electrochemistry , 2 (2). pp. 163-165. ISSN 0256-1654

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The polarographic behaviour of cyclohexanone dimethyl hydrazone at dropping mercury electrode in aqueous alcoholic medium has been investigated in presence of 0.1 M KC1 as supportingelectrolyle.The effect of depolariser concentration, pH, and drop time on the wave characteristics and the reaction mechanism occurring at the surface of the mercury drop electrode have been studied. Well defined ineversible diffusion controlled two cathodic waves were obtained in this medium between the DH ranae 6 and 8.2 and a single wave of irreversible and diffusion controlled nature was obtained between the pH12 to 6 and 8.210 10.4. a, n. and 'n' values and electrochemical reaction order of the system were calculated. The linearity of the diffu%on current with concentration of the depolariser provides a rapid and precise method for the estimation of this dimethyl hydrazone in the concentration down to 10-4 M in aqueous alcoholic medium.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cyclohexanone dimethyl hydrazone; polarography
Subjects: Electroorganic
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