Jayachandran, M. and Vijayalakshmi, R. and Visalakshi, R. and Sanjeeviraja, C. (2005) Review on WO, Thin Films:Materials Properties, Preparation Techniques and Electrochromic Devices. Transactions of the SAEST, 40 (2). pp. 42-61.

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With recent advances in engineering, thin film technology is playing an increasingly important rote in spearheading technological advancement of future society. Aside from traditional applications, thin film technology is also closely tied to nanotechnology, which is one of the key technologies of the near future. Thin films play a dominant role in modem technology like optoelectronics, microelectronics, etc. Generally thin films have thickness between 0.1 pm and 30 pm and must be chemically stable, well adherent, well to the surface, uniform, pure, and have low density of imperfections. There are a number of different techniques that facilitate the deposition of stable thin films of oxide materials on a silicon wafer and on other suitable substrates of conducting or insulaters. Common materials include silicon dioxide, tin oxide and transtion metal oxides. Electrochromic materials, especially transtion metal oxides like WO, and MOO,, are able to change their optical properties in a reversible and persistent way under the application of a voltage pulse. These materials are currently of interest for displays, rear-view mirrors and smart windows for energy saving. Because WO, in the best suited material for energy oonservation application, materials properties before and after colouration and its electrochromic mechanism are elaborately given in this review. The enormous flexibility provided by thin film growth technique allows the fabrication of desired geometrical, topographical, physical, crystallographic and metallurgical structures in two or lesser dimensions. These features are increasingly being exploited to tailar make the structure sensitive physical, mechanical, chemical and electrochemical properties of micro materials. All the techniques used to prepare WO, thin films are summarised with an elaborative account on the electrodeposition technique along with our results.

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