Gnanasekaran, K.S.A. (1985) Electrophytochemistry - an emerging field of activity. Bulletin of Electrochemistry , 1 (4). pp. 435-437. ISSN 0256-1654

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Electrophytochemistry is an interdisciplinary area that deals with the electrical and electrochemical asDects of Dlant science. Some of the basic techniaues involved are (i) the measurement of &ll potential (transmembrane) using microelectrodes (ii) the monitoring of plant-body potential embedding noble metal electrode in conjunction with a reference electrode set in the soil and (iii) fusion of cells by electrical induction. Membrane studies are useful in knowing the transport of metabolytes. The variation of plant body potential with time (electrophytogram) can be related to the gross physiological activity. Electroculture remains fascinating though benefits on a large scale cannot be confidently predicted. lonoculture seems promising in improving plant health. Electrophytochemistry will play a vital role in the development of biotechnology such as biocatalytic hydrogen production and use of chlorophyll merrtbrane in constructing photoelectric cells. The electrically induced fusion of cells and entrapment of membrane impermeable substances and genes in them provide a new tool for the production of a wide range of cells with manipulated functions, which are used for the solution of problems in cell biology, medicine and technology

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