Sivaramamoorthy, K. and Bahadur, S.A. and Kottaisamy, M. and Murali, K.R. (2010) Structural, optical and photoconductive properties of electron beam evaporated CdSxSe1-x films. Crystal Research and Technology, 45 (4). 414 -420. ISSN 0232-1300

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CdSxSe1-x films were deposited by the electron beam evaporation technique on glass substrates at different temperatures in the range 30 – 300 °C using the laboratory synthesized powders of different composition. The films exhibited hexagonal structure and the lattice parameters shifted from CdSe to CdS side as the composition changed from CdSe to CdS side. The bandgap of the films increased from 1.68 to 2.41 eV as the concentration of CdS increased. The root-mean-roughness (RMS) values are 3.4, 2.6, 1.2 and 0.6 nm as the composition of the films shifted towards CdS side. The conductivity varies from 30 Ωcm-1 to 480 Ωcm-1 as the ‘x’ value increases from 0 to 1. The films exhibited photosensitivity. The PL spectrum shifts towards lower energies with decreasing x, due to the decrease of the fundamental gap with Se composition.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: CdSxSe1-x; thin films; II – VI; semiconductors.
Subjects: Electrochemical Materials Science
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