Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (1959) Improvements in and or relating to the electrolytic preparatlon of manganic sulphate. 62379.

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The oxidation of manganese sulphate~ both chemically and electrolytically in presence of sulphuric acid to obtaili. different oxidation products of manganese is well known. The use of maI}.ganoussulphate as a "carrier" in the electrolytic oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde has been reported Dy several erurlier workers. The manganous sulphate used in such experiments was in catalytic quantities. The manganic sulphate produced electrolytically from it was repo.rted to bring about the oxidation of toluene and the manganous sulphate formed in the reaction was ~eoxidised in the cell. Most of the work reported eaJrher was confined to studies of electrolytes containing man,gahese sulphate only in' solution~ Since it ill known that the solubility of manganous sulphatl~ is considerably reduced with increasing strength of sulphliric acid, it was considered useful to investigate systems in wl1ich the limitations arising from this could be overcome.

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