Deepa, S. and Aravindan, N.S. and Sugadev, C. and Tamilselvi, R. and Sakthivel, M. and Sivashanmugam, A. and Gopukumar, S. (1999) Synthesis and electrochemical behaviour of copper doped manganate and cobaltate cathode materials for lithium batteries. Bulletin of Electrochemistry , 15 (9-10). pp. 381-384. ISSN 0256-1654

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Synthesis and characterization of LiCuo.OSCOO.9S02 and LiCuo.osMnl.9S04 were carried out in order to improve the electrochemical properties of LiCoOz and LiMnz04 for lithium secondary cells. Single phase LiCuo.oSCOO.9S0Z and LiCuo.osMnJ.9s04 were obtained by heating a reaction mixture of LiOH.H20Cu( 03)2"3H20 and CO(CH3COO)24HP at 723 K for 3 hrs and Li(CH3COO).2H20. u(N03h.3H °and Mn(CH3COO)r4Hz0 at 1346 K for 3 hrs respectively. Structural studies were done using X-ray diffraction method. Phase purity was established using the differential thermal and thermogravimetric analysis. Lithium button cells were fabricated using lithium foil as anode, LiCuo.osCOo.9s02 and LiCuo.osMnJ.9s04 cathodes in LiAsF6/EC;bEC as electrolyte. Charge and discharge behaviour was studied for the above cells.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: lithium; anode
Subjects: Electrochemical Power Sources
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