Amalraj, L. and Sanjeeviraja, C. and Jayachandran, M. (2002) Spray pyrolysised tin disulphide thin film and characterisation. Journal of Crystal Growth, 234 (4). pp. 683-689. ISSN 0022-0248

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Thin filmof tin disulphide on glass substrate is prepared by spray pyrolysis technique at a substrate temperature of 458 K. Using the hot probe technique the type of semiconductor is found to be n-type. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed the polycrystalline nature of the filmwith hexagonal structure and a preferential orientation along the (0 0 1) plane. Fibre-like surface morphology has been observed on the film. The surface composition of the elements is analysed with EDAX spectrum. A value of 3.85-10-7O-1 cm-1 for the roomtem perature (302 K) conductivity is determined using the four-probe method. Activation energy of about 0.25 eV is determined by plotting a graph between log (conductivity) versus reciprocal temperature. The optical absorption and transmittance spectra have been recorded for this filmin the wavelength range 380–900nm. Thickness of the filmand variation of absorption coefficient with wavelength are determined using these spectral data. Band gap values of 2.16 eV with indirect allowed and 1.82 eV with indirect forbidden nature are observed for this pyrolysised SnS2 thin film.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Characterisation; Semiconducting materials; Solar cells
Subjects: Electrochemical Materials Science
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