Kal, S.H. and Joseph, J. and Lee, J. and Kima, K.J. (2005) Enhancement in Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Modified with In Situ Photopolymerized PDEA in TiO2 Films. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 152. A1378-A1381.

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Beneficial effects of in situ photopolymerized poly@di-~ethylene glycol!-2-ethyl hexyl ether acrylate# ~PDEA! in the pores of dye-coated TiO2 film on the photovoltaic characteristics of dye-sensitized solar cells ~DSSCs! are reported. We have found remarkable enhancements of short-circuit photocurrent sJscd by 39% and of open-circuit voltage sVocd by 40 mV for the PDEAmodified DSSC compared with those of a conventional DSSC. This led to an enhancement in the overall solar energy conversion efficiency of 4.9% for the modified cell over 4.0% for a cell without PDEA at 100 mW/cm2. Moreover, the PDEA modification has led to improved long-term stability of the DSSC. Analyses of optical absorption and transient photocurrent of the cells suggest that the increased concentration of photo-injected electrons as a result of blocking of trap states in TiO2 contributes to the enhancement in the Jsc of PDEA-modified DSSCs. The Voc increase is attributed to an improved screening of the conduction band electrons from I3 − ions in the presence of PDEA adhered to TiO2 particles.

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