Aravinda, C.L. and Mayanna, S.M. and Muralidharan, V.S. (2000) Electrochemical behaviour of alkaline copper complexes. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Science, 112 (5). pp. 543-550.

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A search for non-cyanide plating baths for copper resulted in the development of alkaline copper complex baths containing trisodium citrate [TSC] and triethanolamine [TEA]. Voltammetric studies were carried out on platinum to understand the electrochemical behaviour of these complexes. In TSC solutions, the deposition of copper involves the slow formation of a monovalent species. Adsorption of this species obeys Langmuir isotherm. In TEA solutions the deposition involves the formation of monovalent ions obeying the non-activated Temkin isotherm. Conversion of divalent to monovalent copper is also slow. In TEA and TSC alkaline copper solutions, the predominant species that undergo stepwise reduction contain only TEA ligands.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Alkaline copper complexes; non-cyanide plating
Subjects: Corrosion Science and Engineering
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